The second meeting of the International Panel on Water Structure expert research team is to be held at the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia, in March 2024.

“The IPWS was established in 2018, in Brasília, Brazil, during the 8th World Water Forum; was advanced this year, at the 9th Forum, in Dakar, Senegal – and in 2024, two years later, we hope to gather an even greater number of experts at the second meeting of its expert research group,” says Sergio Ribeiro, Director of the International Centre on Water and Transdisciplinarity (CIRAT), which presently occupies IPWS’ Executive Secretariat.

In 2018, a number of institutions and researchers from Brazil, the USA and Russia signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement to create the IPWS, a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge among researchers from around the world on the topic of the molecular structure of water and its various developments.

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