The Panel

Just as the Toronto Conference in 1986 was a milestone for the climate agenda to spark a process of organization, by the scientific community, of what became the International Panel on Climate Change -IPCC, the 8th World Water Forum held in Brasilia in 2018 became a milestone in the agenda of the nanostructure of liquid water.

The panel’s proposal is to connect leading researchers who develop research on water structure and related fields of knowledge and their most diverse applications from an interdisciplinary perspective. Initially IPWS will not produce original research, but will gather and systematize the knowledge produced by independent high level scientists, organizations and governments. IPWS also aims to give visibility and public knowledge to the theme and its numerous practical applications.

Within the Citizen Village of the 8th World Water Forum internationally renowned speakers on the theme of the molecular structure of water participated in the Conference named “Nano structure of water and the cutting-edge discoveries of science”. By the end of the Conference several institutions from many countries signed a Cooperation Agreement to officialy start and advance in the consolidation of the International Panel on Water Structure – IPWS.